Monday, April 12, 2010

Building Boom! (Part Three)

These are the last two major buildings that I included in my photo essay submission for Business Liberia Magazine.
One is on the Crown Hill end of Broad Street, the Rose Garden Building, which is unique as a mixed-use building. The other is at the opposite end of the metropolis, at ELWA Junction. It is the new NASSCORP Building (National Social Security and Welfare Agency). It is also mixed use, supposedly with a mall inside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Building Boom! (Part Two)

A few more images which I assembled for the Business Liberia Magazine article on Monrovia's construction activity. This flashy tower on the corner of Sekou Toure Avenue and Newport Street, on Mamba Point, with its glistening green glass curtain wall, is really striking, as glazing like this is not common around town-- a real sign of how far along Monrovia is coming (just take a look at this same corner fifteen years ago!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Building Boom! (Part One)

Here are some pictures that I shot around town for a last-minute photo essay for Business Liberia Magazine on Monrovia's mini-building boom. It was an idea that had come up with when driving around town, and but once I got the call from the editor, and started out with my camera, I was a bit overwhelmed by just how many newly-completed and under-construction projects were around town, from ELWA Junction to Mamba Point.

I'm not sure when the new issue will be out, but I hope I make the cut! If not, here's a sample of what I shot around Sinkor:

National Elections Commission Headquarters

Insurance Company of Africa Building
New Wing of the Royal Hotel, 15th Street
IB Bank, Sinkor Branch, 9th Street

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chimpanzee at Thinker's Village

This is the Chimpanzee at Thinker's Village. There is more than one, actually, and they are definitely older than the baby chimps you occasionally see for sale on the street. They still really cute, but its a little sad to see them in such a small cage, and I wonder how safe the whole set-up is.
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